Daily Inspiration: Santa Signs With Little Girl

Going to see Santa Claus is the highlight of any child’s Christmas. As families we celebrate the the magic of Santa, his elves and reindeer.

In today’s video, Santa makes a little girl’s Christmas even more special by using sign language to communicate with her. She instantly lights up when she is able to tell him what she wants. It’s joyous to see every child being included in holiday traditions.


Perfect Childhoods Are Unreasonable

What are your memories as a child? Do you get warm and nostalgic over holidays past or are you filled with anger or even deep seeded resentment?

There isn’t a book around that can completely prepare you for parenting. Babies are ushered into the world under the guise of protection and unconditional love. Completely at the mercy of the caregiver for their every need and the vulnerability of this time is unprecedented.

Children are the ultimate wonder of the life. They are beautiful creatures of creation. Naturally luminous in love: growing, learning and pushing the limits to their next step. When getting ready to create worlds for our children, we often project idyllic views on how their childhoods should be. Hopefully they are better than our own. Maintaining this utopia means that we have mastered the stressors of work, relationships, finances and occasional dodge balls that life throws at our feet. Sigh

Eighteen years is a ridiculously short time to raise a person. For all intensive purposes, it’s unrealistic. Everyone who has surpassed early adulthood can say with authority that an eighteen year-old is probably the most clueless person on the planet. We were hormonal, generally arrogant, and ready to run out into the world with our pants metaphorically down.

By the time we get to our first therapy session fifteen (or less) years later, we are desperately trying to unpack why we are who we are. Looking for answers for our failures, miscommunications and emotions. As we have all seen on TV with highly experienced psychotherapists; he or she will slide back into their chair and find a soothing voice to ask the dreaded, ‘tell me about your childhood’, question.

We will spend time combing over every desire, promise or incident to find the answers and surely they will be there. Fault will most likely be assigned to that of a mom, dad, or relative because someone needs to be found responsible. As children we always see adults as beaming with superpowers and holding keys to a world we can’t yet understand. But a parent is just a person; a human experiencing life as it is thrown at them.

Most are trying hard to be the best they can be everyday. Being a parent is the hardest job that anyone will have. Nothing highlights your capabilities faster than mitigating the irrational cries of an angry two year old who can no longer draw all over the walls in sky blue crayon.

Suffice it to say that if you had clothes on your back, a roof to sleep under and a semblance of love in your house, you were ahead of the curve. That doesn’t take away from those who experienced undo cruelty or hardship as a direct result of a parents actions. Incidents out of the control of the caregiver can completely change the landscape of the child’s life have and have an equal effect on everyone.

Families have their issues because they are impossible to avoid. There are a host of variables present in every situation that drive the actions and emotions behind them. Parenting requires ridiculous amounts of compartmentalization to not transfer the weight of your world on your children. Parents doing well at this aspect deserve more credit. Those who don’t cope well just need more help. More often than not, we are our parents. Children are raised based on the childhood of the person who is raising them. It’s a cycle that continues for better or for worse. There isn’t a family in America that acts like they are on the set of Full House, because reality exists.

When exploring the depths of the past it is important to remember that people are just that — people. We can either learn and grow or stay stubborn and stagnant. Childhoods contain the blueprint of our futures, but we hold the keys to our endings as adults.

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Daily Inspiration: Don’t Give Up

TD Jakes is the Senior Pastor at The Potters House of Dallas. He is an entrepreneur, producer and New York Times best selling author; most importantly he is known for his motivational outlook on life. His words always resonate with those who are fighting the good fight, and keep pushing to be better people.

In today’s video he conveys a message that everyone needs to hear. Always keep pushing and never give up!

Self Doubt is BlockingYour Best Self

I used to wonder why people were so hardened by failure. Then I grew up. I realized that society actively works against the psyche of those who are less than perfect. And being human, we get caught up in the hype.

Most of us wake up everyday with the best intentions—  ready to start the day and take on the world. Unfortunately, when the end game is survival, the competition is fierce. The sad reality of clawing to the top means that people love to remind you of your shortcomings. Slowly but surely it ignites the self-loathing potential that we all possess.

We were taught as kids that success means that you meet these markers of validation: a college degree, getting married, having a great job, owning a home, having kids and of course lots of disposable income. For many millennials, these markers are coming more slowly or not at all. The pressure to meet this standard is sending many of us into a quarter life crisis.

What society purposely ignores in this equation, is life. Life will test you in every way imaginable. It is extremely unpredictable and anything can change the course of your life in an instant. It is a guarantee that you may end up broken, helpless or discouraged at some point.

You are more resilient than the feelings of self deprecation occupying your mind. They are temporary. If others are feeding into your insecurities, find the cord that connects you and cut it. The only thing worse than perpetuating your own negative feelings is having another person cosign them.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t feel your feelings. I believe that experiencing hardships in life make us better people. Going through trying times makes us more empathetic and dynamic. Learning how to navigate the little battles eventually prepares us for the long journey ahead. Everyone has obstacles that derail them and force them to reclaim control. This is when you should trade your vulnerability for strength.   

The goals that you claim need to be your own. Focusing on the pressure to meet milestones because your parents are pressuring you or because you want to compete with your friend’s instagram life is unrealistic. Finding the strength to move forward is easier when you are fighting for something you actually want. There is a reason why self help books emphasize setting small achievable goals. Achieving something reminds us of our power and purpose.

The mind is the most powerful thing you own. It’s time to let it work for you, not against you.

Daily Inspiration: Ethical Rings Provide Clean Water to Developing Nations

You can now spread love in more ways that one. Do Amore is offering ethical engagement rings and bands to couples who are ready to take the next step. Couples can solidify their love with recycled metals and conflict free diamonds all while aiding in donating clean water wells to nations in need.

The founder Krish Himmatramka’s heart for giving has since benefited thousands of people in India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Haiti. Proceeds from each purchase of a Do Amore ring will continue to bring hope and vitality to those who need it most.


Daily Inspiration: Be the Difference for a Veteran

On Veteran’s Day it is time to remember those who have protected the citizens of this country. We pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and to those who return from service. Many veterans need additional services when they return home.

Mental health is an issue that has finally taken precedent. It is reported that 20 veterans commit suicide each day. Veterans are now encouraged more than ever to seek out mental health services as they now being covered for all members, not just those who have been in combat.

Honor those who have kept and continued to keep our freedoms independent by offering help or referring them to someone who can. Resources are available. If you need help or know someone who does, visit or call:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affair Mental Health

Veterans Crisis Line or call 1-800-273-8255

Military One Source




Daily Inspiration: The Best Moments are Free

Myla and her father sing along to a popular song by Maroon 5. It’s a touching father and daughter moment that is captured by her mother.

Today’s video is a great reminder to enjoy each and every day with your loved ones.

Daily Inspiration: Be the Hero

The Holocaust was the genocide of Jewish people living throughout Europe. When the Nazis occupied Poland, all of the Jewish men, woman and children were forced to the an area designated for them, the Warsaw Ghetto.

Irena Sendler was a nurse in Poland during the Holocaust. She saw the horrors first hand and vowed to save the children from the Warsaw Ghetto. She went on to save 2500 children from famine and death. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize shortly before her death.


Daily Inspiration: Praise to the Power Cancer Could Not Take

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. People often wear pink ribbons and shirts and ramp up their support to charitable organizations during this time.

In support of women who have lost their breasts due to the disease, designer Stella Mccartney created a double mastectomy bra. It is available for free to those in need.

Cancer is devastating to all those involved. Don’t wait for a special reminder to get checked. Keep up on your annual screenings and visit your doctor for checkups. Many cancers are treatable if detected early.

Daily Inspiration: Protect Our Girls From Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has been flooding the news outlets with murmurs about high profile figures such as Judge Kavanaugh and Bill Cosby. Sexual assault is often hard to prove and difficult to prosecute unless it is reported immediately and evidence is readily available. Often times women opt not to report due to shame, fear or the mounting possible fall out.

In this video a teenager girl delivers a powerful spoken word poem about that transition from girl to woman and the unwanted situations one can find herself in. Sexualization of girls and women has always left them vulnerable to the vices of predators. As a society, we need to do more to protect our girls.

Daily Inspiration: Labor Day

Labor Day is an American holiday created to celebrate the hard workers that keep this county moving. The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City. It was first proposed by The Central Labors Union and eventually became a nationwide holiday.

In today’s video, Carhartt, a retail company and Von Miller, NFL player for the Denver Broncos, gives tribute to those who do the most thankless jobs in America.

Daily Inspiration: It’s Only Crazy Until You Do It

Serena Williams is a tennis player with 23 Grand Slam titles under her belt. Since the age of three she has received many accolades and has worked tirelessly to become a household name.

In today’s video, it splices a home video of her playing tennis at s young age and her current professional career. She is being coached by her father who believed that one day she would make it to the US Open. She is playing at the US Open, again this week. If you have a dream, put in the work and make it a reality.

Daily Inspiration: Feel Your Feelings

Jenifer Lewis is an actress who started her career off in broadway. In recent years we have seen her movies and on television. She always brings her comedic wit and bright personality where ever she goes.

In today’s video she talks about feelings and how much our lives are governed by them. We all connect emotionally first and foremost. It is important to be in touch with your own feelings and the feel the feelings of others.