America’s education system is that of a failing one. We all might ask who is to blame for our country’s ridiculous shortfalls? The government? the lack of discipline from a family system? The drive or will of the student? All of the above. As a nation we have failed ourselves and future contenders to provide adequate and competent “competition”.

The government, although trying, has not been successful in restoring America’s education system. Mainly attributed to the lack of funding and TLC. But what about the schools that do receive funding? Well, that brings us to dark side of standardized tests and falsely obtained grades. The desperate or shall I say selfish need to fund, has completely undermined the concept of education. Obviously, schools that perform well on standardized tests and receive more desirable scores are rewarded with a nice price package. This comes with two problems: the curriculum and the loser. Firstly, schools who are competing for funding, tend to base their curriculum solely on test drilling exercises. Students themselves are hostages of a non-quality learning environment. Low performing schools which happen to be typically affiliated with low-income areas, are at an extreme disadvantage. If the students can’t already catch a break, they attend schools that don’t provide much relief. Since the schools are already at less than up to par status, the chances of reform there are very slim. If a student is unable to change schools due to district rules, then, we know the possibilities.

The issue of a failing education system still has yet to be addressed. The state’s as well as the federal government contain the power to raise the standards of the education system as a whole. The cohesiveness between what the law requires and what is implemented through teachers, administrators, and education officials. Though we know that total avail is probably impossible, we can come closer to it. Now, who do I talk to about these student loans?