Mental health  is considered to be a conscious awareness of your emotions. The term “mentally healthy” is one only of emotion. It cannot be confused with being physically healthy, which is the obvious physical state of your body. How you handle the stress in your life and your general outlook would describe the state of your mind. If you dissect what a single emotion actually is, you can see that our mind is very creative. We have developed and learned these emotions in order to survive everyday life. Without them, it is suggested that we could easily have monotone behavior. The regulation of these particular emotions either tells us we are normal, abnormal, or in desperate need of help. How can you determine that state of your feelings?
The ultimate test would be in that of a stressful situation, but what about how you handle your daily life. One could argue that a person who is always pessimistic is not a cornerstone of being mentally healthy. The same could also be argued for someone who is always optimistic. It depends purely on the scope of your beliefs. What is the goal? If it is to live a happy and fulfilling life, then being overly optimistic would surpass the goal. If your goal is to just get through menial existence, then being a pessimist may not look to be so unappealing.
Based on society we can assume that good mental health correlates with optimal functioning and assumption of routine without heavy interruption, while enjoying it, of course. Society tells us that we must enjoy life either in company or material possessions. You are usually supposed to do this with a fixed artificial smile on your face; in that lies implications that you are in good health.
Defining mental health constitutes winning the battle within yourself. Humans are often plagued by the inability to accept or confront reality. If the mind is always is in doubt with heart and conscience it is impossible to identify yourself as an individual and harvest the tools for sustainability. The key lies within each of us and our specific views of reality.