Daily Inspiration: Know the Vote

It’s officially election season and the games are about to begin. Regardless of your personal party affiliations it’s important to know who and what you are voting for. There are currently 23 Democrats that have declared a run for the 2020 presidency. Voters of all ages are encouraged to vet candidates that best reflect their interests and policies that will serve them. It’s important to … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Know the Vote

Achieving Today’s American Dream is Different

Decades of statistics have revealed that American’s are not as comfortable as they used to be. Financial gurus have made a fortune writing books and giving seminars on how to pull the bootstraps up of millions of American’s. The advice is helpful but usually sought for after catastrophe. Let’s examine the typical American: they rent an apartment that eats up half or more of their … Continue reading Achieving Today’s American Dream is Different

Porn: America’s Secret Obsession

American’s love porn, that’s just the bottom line. The days of hiding the scantily clad women on glossy pages in bedside tables and under mattresses has now given way to glowing screens of eroticism. The internet aided in the ease of access by making content a click away. In the early 2000s, it was reported that porn was a $10 billion dollar industry. In 2019 the … Continue reading Porn: America’s Secret Obsession

Daily Inspiration: Labor Day

Labor Day is an American holiday created to celebrate the hard workers that keep this county moving. The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City. It was first proposed by The Central Labors Union and eventually became a nationwide holiday. In today’s video, Carhartt, a retail company and Von Miller, NFL player for the Denver Broncos, gives tribute to … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Labor Day