Daily Inspiration: Being Kind Goes a Long Way

Childhood hunger is a problem worldwide. Parents often do their best to provide healthy meals for their children but due to limited resources, it can be a struggle. Children may receive less than ideal meals when they are not attending school. Sharon Goodyear recognized the problem in her community and took action. She created the Summer Kitchen, that provides healthy meals for children during the … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Being Kind Goes a Long Way

Daily Inspiration: Hairstylist Makes Wigs for Children

Quilla Bohannon is a hairstylist that helps people in the most amazing way. As the owner of Runway Hair she makes wigs for her clients. She was always inspired to help people feel like their best selves. The idea to make wigs for children was sparked by her daughter and she’s been making little eyes sparkle ever since. In today’s video, Quilla talks about her … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Hairstylist Makes Wigs for Children

Daily Inspiration: Students Build Toddler a Robotic Wheelchair

Cillian Jackson is a two year old boy with a rare genetic condition. After his family could not afford his wheelchair that costs $20,000, the family reached out to Rogue Robotics Team to see about getting assistance. The project was completed with the help of University of Delaware’s GoBabyGo program that creates custom vehicles for special needs children. Cillian received his new wheelchair just before … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Students Build Toddler a Robotic Wheelchair

Daily Inspiration: Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Solomon Haufano was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. After several long hospital stays he began to get a little bored and that’s when he discovered Michael Jackson videos. This five year old put some pep in his step and danced his way through the rest of his treatments. No matter what life throws at you it’s important to enjoy each moment as if it’s your … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Daily Inspiration: Born With a Beautiful Soul

Adalia Rose is a vivacious 12 year old girl who was born with Progeria. Progeria is an rare genetic condition that causes children to age at an accelerated rate. The average life expectancy for a person with this condition is only 14 years. Adalia brings light to everyone that sees her with her glowing personality. She is sassy and has a zest for life that … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Born With a Beautiful Soul

Daily Inspiration: Pay it Forward This Mother’s Day

The International Rescue Committee is an organization that helps people in their most desperate time of need. Whether the devastation comes from conflict or disaster, they are there to give people resources to pick up the pieces and start over again. They are active all over the world, but currently doing the most work in places that experience the most turmoil: Syria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Myanmar, … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Pay it Forward This Mother’s Day

Daily Inspiration: Playgrounds Encourage Play for All

Some of the best memories in childhood come from playing with other kids on the playground. Many playgrounds are now built to include all types of kids from the able bodied to those with limited mobility. In today’s video a mother Shirley Ordônio, was looking for a way that both of her children can play together. One of her twins was born with Cerebral Palsy … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Playgrounds Encourage Play for All

Daily Inspiration: Repacked Food Feeds School Children

Hungry school children, now have more options out of the cafeteria. Elkhart school district in Indiana has teamed up with a local nonprofit, Cultivate, to repackage unused food from schools and turn them into individual frozen meals. In one school 20 school children receive meals to take home. It’s amazing to consider the amount of food waste that occurs in a single institution. It’s commendable … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Repacked Food Feeds School Children

Vaccinations Are a Big Deal

The history behind infectious diseases is terrifying. Vaccines were created out of necessity; people were dying in mass quantities. In fact, it was the number one killer of humans. The first successful vaccine was developed in 1796 by Edward Jenner and used cowpox to create immunity to smallpox. The prospect of eradicating viruses was groundbreaking at the time and as the scientific community continued to … Continue reading Vaccinations Are a Big Deal

Daily Inspiration: 4 Year Old Boy Drums His Heart Out

Being musically inclined is considered one of the best talents to have. Justin Wilson II proves that even at four years old, talent can supersede expectations. In today’s video he showcases his amazing talent, blowing everyone away around him. You’re never to young to harness your gifts. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fcaughtseries%2Fvideos%2F728019174250689%2F&show_text=0&width=476 Continue reading Daily Inspiration: 4 Year Old Boy Drums His Heart Out

Daily Inspiration: You’re Never to Young to Learn

The Grandy Twins have been boxing since the age of two. Their father Daniel Grandy helped grow their skills and they are flourishing. At the age of 10, they have already competed in 30 bouts. In today’s video the twins are sparring together and one is leading the session. It is refreshing to see the qualities they both possess at such a young age. The … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: You’re Never to Young to Learn

Daily Inspiration: Santa Signs With Little Girl

Going to see Santa Claus is the highlight of any child’s Christmas. As families we celebrate the the magic of Santa, his elves and reindeer. In today’s video, Santa makes a little girl’s Christmas even more special by using sign language to communicate with her. She instantly lights up when she is able to tell him what she wants. It’s joyous to see every child … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Santa Signs With Little Girl

Perfect Childhoods Are Unreasonable

What are your memories as a child? Do you get warm and nostalgic over holidays past or are you filled with anger or even deep seeded resentment?

There isn’t a book around that can completely prepare you for parenting. Babies are ushered into the world under the guise of protection and unconditional love. Completely at the mercy of the caregiver for their every need and the vulnerability of this time is unprecedented.

Children are the ultimate wonder the life. They are beautiful creatures of creation. Naturally luminous in love: growing, learning and pushing the limits to their next step. When getting ready to create worlds for our children, we often project idyllic views on how their childhoods should be. Hopefully they are better than our own. Maintaining this utopia means that we have mastered the stressors of work, relationships, finances and occasional dodge balls that life throws at our feet. Sigh

Eighteen years is a ridiculously short time to raise a person. For all intensive purposes, it’s unrealistic. Everyone who has surpassed early adulthood can say with authority that an eighteen year old is probably the most clueless person on the planet. We were hormonal, generally arrogant, and ready to run out into the world with our pants metaphorically down.

By the time we get to our first therapy session, fifteen (or less) years later, we are desperately trying to unpack why we are who we are. Looking for answers for our failures, miscommunications and emotions. As we have all seen on TV with highly experienced psychotherapists; he or she will slide back into their chair and find a soothing voice to ask the dreaded, ‘tell me about your childhood’, question.

We will spend time combing over every desire, promise or incident to find the answers and surely they will be there. Fault will most likely be assigned to that of a mom, dad, or relative because someone needs to be found responsible. As children we always see adults as beaming with superpowers and holding keys to a world we can’t yet understand. But a parent is just a person; a human experiencing life as it is thrown at them.

Most are trying hard to be the best they can be everyday. Being a parent is the hardest job that anyone will have. Nothing highlights your capabilities faster than mitigating the irrational cries of an angry two year old who can no longer draw all over the walls in sky blue crayon.

Suffice it to say that if you had clothes on your back, a roof to sleep under and a semblance of love in your house, you were ahead of the curve. That doesn’t take away from those who experienced undo cruelty or hardship as a direct result of a parents actions. Also, incidents out of the control of the caregiver can completely change the landscape of the child’s life have and have an equal effect on everyone.

Families have their issues because they are impossible to avoid. There are a host of variables present in every situation that drive the actions and emotions behind them. Parenting requires ridiculous amounts of compartmentalization to not transfer the weight of your world on your children. Parents doing well at this aspect deserve more credit. Those who don’t cope well just need more help. More often than not, we are our parents. Children are raised based on the childhood of the person who is raising them. It’s a cycle that continues for better or for worse. There isn’t a family in America that acts like they are on the set of Full House, because reality exists.

When exploring the depths of the past it is important to remember that people are just that — people. We can either learn and grow or stay stubborn and stagnant. Childhoods contain the blueprint of our futures, but we hold the keys to our endings as adults.

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