The Catch Twenty- Two of Religion

Faith is the cornerstone of existence. Believing in something greater than oneself and living with a moral compass is the basis of a religion. Thousands of years ago, society needed answers where there were none, religion provided that. It’s been a great tool to stay centered and spiritual but it also proved it can be harmful to its followers. Masses of people need something to … Continue reading The Catch Twenty- Two of Religion

Daily Inspiration: Communities Heal Together

The mosque attacks in New Zealand killed 50 people and injured many others. The tragic loss of life in Christchurch was met with immediate condemnation. The Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has pulled the country together with immense empathy and promises of tighter sanctions on assault weapons. In today’s video students in the Christchurch community showed their respect and solidarity with the Muslim community by performing … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Communities Heal Together

Daily Inspiration: Conflict Resolution Goes Beyond Impulse

Tensions were at an all time high during Trump’s presidential election. Some have said many of his rally’s promoted intolerance and incited violence. An incident between Rakeem Jones and John McGraw resulted in McGraw receiving one year of probation. In today’s video, Jones talks about concluding the incident in court and having a heartfelt moment with McGraw. Even though tensions are high during any conflict, … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Conflict Resolution Goes Beyond Impulse

Stop Endangering Others Self-Esteem

Society embodies it and it’s hurting others. Prejudice rolls around in the back of minds and inadvertently surfaces through the boughs of race, class, general appearance or sexual orientation. The people affected are not immune to the animosity and these interactions can eat away at self-esteem. This behavior appears to be part of the general human interaction, a fail-safe of survival of sorts. Naturally, there … Continue reading Stop Endangering Others Self-Esteem

Daily Inspiration: Women’s March 2019

Woman have long fought for the right to be acknowledged and respected. The first Women’s March in 2017 was a protest of resistance to President Trump. This year the march has grown to address a multitude of issues and is led by the Women’s Agenda that is described as the first intersectional feminist policy platform. This years focus on Women’s Agenda Today’s video celebrates the … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Women’s March 2019

Daily Inspiration: It’s Only Crazy Until You Do It

Serena Williams is a tennis player with 23 Grand Slam titles under her belt. Since the age of three she has received many accolades and has worked tirelessly to become a household name. In today’s video, it splices a home video of her playing tennis at s young age and her current professional career. She is being coached by her father who believed that one … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: It’s Only Crazy Until You Do It

Daily Inspiration: Artist Creates Paradise With Sharpies

Artistic talent comes in many shapes and styles. In this instance it comes to us via 120 sharpies. Oscar Oiwa is an artist who has quite an impressive portfolio. Many of his works are apart of a genre called magical realism. This piece, Paradise, is just that. In today’s video you can get a glimpse of his creative mind with the making of this sharpie … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Artist Creates Paradise With Sharpies

Empathy. Friend or Foe?

Recent events have showcased many mixed feelings among different groups of people. The highly publicized events in Ferguson surrounding the death of Michael Brown, John Crawford, and Vonderriit Myers Jr. who were all shot by a police officer has created quite a stir. In so many words a race war ensued pointing accusatory fingers and waves of reasons for justifications on both sides. Along with … Continue reading Empathy. Friend or Foe?