Daily Inspiration: One State Caps Cost on Life Saving Medicine

The United States is notorious for our complicated healthcare system. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies have been in the middle of debates about a standard of care that should be mandated by the government. Medicine is a big ticket item for most people who suffer from a range of ailments. Insulin is a life saving drug that helps regulate blood sugar levels in type 1 and … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: One State Caps Cost on Life Saving Medicine

Daily Inspiration: Know the Vote

It’s officially election season and the games are about to begin. Regardless of your personal party affiliations it’s important to know who and what you are voting for. There are currently 23 Democrats that have declared a run for the 2020 presidency. Voters of all ages are encouraged to vet candidates that best reflect their interests and policies that will serve them. It’s important to … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Know the Vote

Daily Inspiration: Love Is Colorblind

Love is a beautiful connection between two people that should not be dictated by race. Just a few decades ago, it was illegal for black and white people to marry. In the case of Loving vs Virginia it was ruled that it was unconstitutional to prohibit people from marrying because of race in 1967. Unfortunately, people still hold on to the belief that races shouldn’t … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Love Is Colorblind

Can You Afford to Die?

Death has a price tag. The average cost of a funeral is starting around $10,000. Recently, someone I know passed away and wanted to be buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York. The plot alone was $11,000. Needless to say, the family sought out more affordable options. The costs are astronomical and it’s quite clear that death is a business — a lucrative one at … Continue reading Can You Afford to Die?

Daily Inspiration: Be the Difference for a Veteran

On Veteran’s Day it is time to remember those who have protected the citizens of this country. We pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and to those who return from service. Many veterans need additional services when they return home. Mental health is an issue that has finally taken precedent. It is reported that 20 veterans commit suicide each day. Veterans are now encouraged more than ever to seek … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Be the Difference for a Veteran

Learning the Lobby

Corporations have been working since the 1950’s to figure out how to make the government work for them. If therein lies a problem, money will solve it. Lobbyists work tirelessly to keep their clients bottom line parallel to the dealings in Washington. The American government allows corporations to come in and heavily court our nations representatives with campaign contributions and kickbacks in exchange for more favorable … Continue reading Learning the Lobby