Daily Inspiration: Want it More

In today’s video, Sydney Rhame, a singer-songwriter and a former contestant from the voice shares her insight on reaching your goals with Javier Mercedes on the podcast, Passion in Progress. In the competition of life, we’re always fighting to get further than the person next to us. Living out our dreams often comes with roadblocks and trials. Pushing yourself past those obstacles determines how successful … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Want it More

Daily Inspiration: Know Who Your Friends Are

Trent Shelton is a former NFL player who is now a motivational speaker. He reaches at least 50 million people per week via his social media platforms. Today’s video is about knowing who to call a friend. In life we are often blinded by the people that are closest to us. Sometimes in order to be great, we have to recognize people for who they … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Know Who Your Friends Are

Perils of the Blame Game

Now that I barely made it through the conquest of adolescence and rattled my way through young adulthood, I’ve settled semi-comfortably into the mid 20’s life. It seems easier to appreciate all the wonderful gifts life has to offer. This recognition only results with the growth from trying to conquer all of life’s sticky situations. Something that seems to have escaped us is the  whole notion- … Continue reading Perils of the Blame Game