Porn: America’s Secret Obsession

American’s love porn, that’s just the bottom line. The days of hiding the scantily clad women on glossy pages in bedside tables and under mattresses has now given way to glowing screens of eroticism. The internet aided in the ease of access by making content a click away. In the early 2000s, it was reported that porn was a $10 billion dollar industry. In 2019 the … Continue reading Porn: America’s Secret Obsession

The Civility of Internet Interaction is Waning

The World Wide Web is turning out to be a angry place. The rise of the internet has birthed something inside people. Comment threads on social media highlight the darkest and contentious thoughts that people have. While in the past, they would just remain thoughts; people seem to be spouting their dislike everywhere. Jobs have been lost and harassment has ensued over things said on … Continue reading The Civility of Internet Interaction is Waning

Internalizing Ads Obliterates Self Esteem

Advertisements are everywhere—on tv, in movies and in print. Companies have found new ways to market their products using technology. Mostly to their benefit and not the consumers. Photoshop showed society that too much of a good thing definitely exists. Perfection gleamed across pages and screens so much so, that magazines had to admit that their models were heavily airbrushed. Although, some of these ads … Continue reading Internalizing Ads Obliterates Self Esteem

The Internet Isn’t Always a Data Dumpster

The internet has proved to be an invaluable resource. The world’s knowledge is available at lightening speeds, transmitting from our fingertips directly to our brains. While the internet has ushered in a new digital era, everything that has a connection isn’t gold. The method that we receive all of this data can actually make us dumber. When scrolling down to the comment section of any article, at least one person makes … Continue reading The Internet Isn’t Always a Data Dumpster

Facebook: For Better or For Worse?

Facebook is the biggest headache of the decade. The social media site has become a staple of daily life. With the amount of users climbing over one billion worldwide, it is safe to say it is wildly popular. Popularity has its drawbacks. Former Facebook founder, Chamath Palihapitiya, isn’t necessarily proud of his achievements at the company. As reported by  The Verge, Palihapitiya voices his growing concern with … Continue reading Facebook: For Better or For Worse?