The Sordid Dynamics of Love: Monogamy vs Non-monogamy

Relationships are complicated entities that are well worth the experience. There’s no doubt that interactions between us conjure up chemical impulses that make us feel good, bad and everything in between. And yes it’s true, sometimes people prefer to share those impulses with more than one person. We’ve been taught that monogamy is pretty cut and dry; you fall in love and spend every day … Continue reading The Sordid Dynamics of Love: Monogamy vs Non-monogamy

Daily Inspiration: Love Is Colorblind

Love is a beautiful connection between two people that should not be dictated by race. Just a few decades ago, it was illegal for black and white people to marry. In the case of Loving vs Virginia it was ruled that it was unconstitutional to prohibit people from marrying because of race in 1967. Unfortunately, people still hold on to the belief that races shouldn’t … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Love Is Colorblind

Daily Inspiration: Wear What You Want

Gabi Fresh is the co-founder of the plus size brand, Premme and is dedicated to spreading body positive awareness for all body types. As a plus size woman, she is sharing her appreciation for all sizes in her collection. She also designed a swimwear collection with Swimsuits For All, which is another company that wants women to be proud of their body in the most … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Wear What You Want

Perfect Childhoods Are Unreasonable

What are your memories as a child? Do you get warm and nostalgic over holidays past or are you filled with anger or even deep seeded resentment?

There isn’t a book around that can completely prepare you for parenting. Babies are ushered into the world under the guise of protection and unconditional love. Completely at the mercy of the caregiver for their every need and the vulnerability of this time is unprecedented.

Children are the ultimate wonder the life. They are beautiful creatures of creation. Naturally luminous in love: growing, learning and pushing the limits to their next step. When getting ready to create worlds for our children, we often project idyllic views on how their childhoods should be. Hopefully they are better than our own. Maintaining this utopia means that we have mastered the stressors of work, relationships, finances and occasional dodge balls that life throws at our feet. Sigh

Eighteen years is a ridiculously short time to raise a person. For all intensive purposes, it’s unrealistic. Everyone who has surpassed early adulthood can say with authority that an eighteen year old is probably the most clueless person on the planet. We were hormonal, generally arrogant, and ready to run out into the world with our pants metaphorically down.

By the time we get to our first therapy session, fifteen (or less) years later, we are desperately trying to unpack why we are who we are. Looking for answers for our failures, miscommunications and emotions. As we have all seen on TV with highly experienced psychotherapists; he or she will slide back into their chair and find a soothing voice to ask the dreaded, ‘tell me about your childhood’, question.

We will spend time combing over every desire, promise or incident to find the answers and surely they will be there. Fault will most likely be assigned to that of a mom, dad, or relative because someone needs to be found responsible. As children we always see adults as beaming with superpowers and holding keys to a world we can’t yet understand. But a parent is just a person; a human experiencing life as it is thrown at them.

Most are trying hard to be the best they can be everyday. Being a parent is the hardest job that anyone will have. Nothing highlights your capabilities faster than mitigating the irrational cries of an angry two year old who can no longer draw all over the walls in sky blue crayon.

Suffice it to say that if you had clothes on your back, a roof to sleep under and a semblance of love in your house, you were ahead of the curve. That doesn’t take away from those who experienced undo cruelty or hardship as a direct result of a parents actions. Also, incidents out of the control of the caregiver can completely change the landscape of the child’s life have and have an equal effect on everyone.

Families have their issues because they are impossible to avoid. There are a host of variables present in every situation that drive the actions and emotions behind them. Parenting requires ridiculous amounts of compartmentalization to not transfer the weight of your world on your children. Parents doing well at this aspect deserve more credit. Those who don’t cope well just need more help. More often than not, we are our parents. Children are raised based on the childhood of the person who is raising them. It’s a cycle that continues for better or for worse. There isn’t a family in America that acts like they are on the set of Full House, because reality exists.

When exploring the depths of the past it is important to remember that people are just that — people. We can either learn and grow or stay stubborn and stagnant. Childhoods contain the blueprint of our futures, but we hold the keys to our endings as adults.

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Daily Inspiration: Ethical Rings Provide Clean Water to Developing Nations

You can now spread love in more ways that one. Do Amore is offering ethical engagement rings and bands to couples who are ready to take the next step. Couples can solidify their love with recycled metals and conflict free diamonds all while aiding in donating clean water wells to nations in need. The founder Krish Himmatramka’s heart for giving has since benefited thousands of people … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Ethical Rings Provide Clean Water to Developing Nations

Daily Inspiration: Town Learns Sign Language To Surprise Man

People in Istanbul, Turkey, surprise one of its residents with the gift of communication. Muharrem is hearing impaired and relies on sign language to talk with others. In today’s video, the result of human kindness is displayed. The effort is a partnership with Samsung as they have launched a video calling center for those who are hearing impaired. Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Town Learns Sign Language To Surprise Man

Daily Inspiration: Virtual Reality Helps Couple Relive Past Experiences

Nathan Windsor has worked for over a decade doing music therapy for nursing homes. He recently decided to start incorporating virtual reality recapture happy moments. The couple featured in this video are in their 90s and have been married over 60 years. During those years they traveled frequently, harboring souvenirs from their adventures. Due to age and limited mobility, they are no longer able to … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Virtual Reality Helps Couple Relive Past Experiences

Daily Inspiration: Know Who Your Friends Are

Trent Shelton is a former NFL player who is now a motivational speaker. He reaches at least 50 million people per week via his social media platforms. Today’s video is about knowing who to call a friend. In life we are often blinded by the people that are closest to us. Sometimes in order to be great, we have to recognize people for who they … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Know Who Your Friends Are

Daily Inspiration: Spread Valentine’s Day Love

Today you can be the inspiration for a child in need. Children’s hospitals are accepting well wishes on free e-cards for sick patients this Valentine’s Day. Help bring joy and love to their little hearts. Here are some hospitals participating this Valentine’s Day: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital St. Jude’s Research Hospital Boston Children’s Hospital Trust Arkansas Children’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Spread Valentine’s Day Love

For the Unheard Voices in Blended Families

Blended families are somewhat of a new wave in society. It is said that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and in today’s society it has become more of a tradition to have a divorce party than to mourn the actual divorce. The days of divorce being extremely frowned upon are long gone. Get ready to usher in a new wave of families, the … Continue reading For the Unheard Voices in Blended Families