Identity Confirms the Importance of Representation

There a lot of things that you may notice about a person walking down the street; among the first is their outward appearance. What is the tone of their skin, the texture of their hair, or the color of their eyes? Are they clean cut or edgy? Society requires us to classify people by these mundane things. A way that a person views themselves may … Continue reading Identity Confirms the Importance of Representation

Empathy. Friend or Foe?

Recent events have showcased many mixed feelings among different groups of people. The highly publicized events in Ferguson surrounding the death of Michael Brown, John Crawford, and Vonderriit Myers Jr. who were all shot by a police officer has created quite a stir. In so many words a race war ensued pointing accusatory fingers and waves of reasons for justifications on both sides. Along with … Continue reading Empathy. Friend or Foe?